Middle East

From the AFA Middle East Team

Story #1

“We knew about 5 girls who are believers. They got to know the Lord in a very special way. Jihan is one of them. We had the opportunity to meet with Jihan, one  of the young ladies in a village in the south of (nation undisclosed). She lived in (capital city). She had hemiplegia in her face and her eye. She had a feeling of failing and discouragement.

“A lady invited Jihan to a church meeting. She went and attended the meeting. The believers at church prayed for her and she got healed and restored. She accepted Jesus in her life as her Saviour and believed in Him. She went back to her village in the south … and started sharing what God has done with her and how she was healed as well. She shared her faith and belief in Jesus. She gave Samia (her older sister) the New Testament to read it. Samia works as a lawyer. Samia started reading the New Testament, but she said that the stories in this book are absurd and not important, so she stopped reading. As she saw her sister’s life—the changes that had happened in it, the healing—God started working in her life.

“Samia decided to read the New Testament again. She gave her life to Jesus and believed in Him. After a short time, Jihan’s mum and other sister gave their lives to Jesus and believed in Him. Now, they are walking with the Lord for three years. They have a regular meeting weekly as a family. They read the word of God together and study it. We’ll continue visiting them and doing the follow up with them. Please pray for them.”

Story #2

“A guy in the Druze church (Gary) shared the gospel with his friend (Ayhab) at work.Ayhab accepted Jesus as his Saviour. Ayhab is married to (Jane). They have two daughters (Mirenda is 12 years old and Joan is 3 years old). Ayhab started coming to the church regularly, then he shared the good news with Jane. She refused and was mocking him, but he was praying for her.

“We were all surprised and happy at the same time when we saw Ayhab, Jane and their two daughters entering the church on Sunday morning. After the meeting Jane said: ‘I have something to share with you’. She went on, saying: ‘I had a dream last night and here it is: While I was sitting on my couch I saw a piece of paper coming from the ceiling, as I looked to the paper I read this sentence: The Lord who you are hearing about from your husband is ME, JESUS. Then I (Jane) woke up and decided to come to church with Ayhab and the girls.’”

“After some days, and as they came to church, Jane had something to share. Jane said that Mirenda (their daughter) has a chronic disease in her stomach and she’s suffering. Jane prayed to Jesus and asked Him to heal Mirenda. After some days Jane and Ayhab went to make the x-ray for Mirenda for her stomach, and there was the surprise for all of them: Mirenda was totally healed from that chronic disease—and she’s doing great now. Please pray for this family, so they can be a witness to all their relatives, friends and neighbours.”

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