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When You Give, Communities Look More Like the Kingdom of God

Mission ONE is committed to effectively using funds for spreading the gospel of Christ and restoring humanity to all people. Your gift will be used to bring down the dividing wall between God and his people, and between the peoples of the world. Help us support the Global Church as it acts locally to transform people and communities through the gospel!

Your monthly support helps us plan strategic initiatives that multiply impact, to create training materials that are used around the world, and to prepare advance funds for quick action when disaster strikes.

Here's a Look at the impact your gifts are making all over the world

Nepal Impact


Families received two goats each and two have already had offspring.


Churches have been planted. Both are being led by local pastors who are being mentored.


People united. A village council has been formed and they're helping to oversee the savings account to care for the goats and help those in need.

Meet Hira

Hira is a young, divorced woman who suffers from polio which affects her ability to fully use her right hand. While she had an older sewing machine and knew sewing basics, because of her disability, she was not able to stitch the garments necessary to contribute to her family financially. Through her relationship with Mission ONE partners and their sewing center, she was able to receive a new sewing machine that is easier to use with her disability and will allow her to continue to make and sell garments in order to help her brother attend school.

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Pakistan Impact


Women trained to have a skill, making dignified work possible for the first time.


Women are employed as teachers at the sewing centers.


Unified effort by the church to help women know and love Jesus in every part of their lives.

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