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South Sudan has a complex history, culminating in the largest refugee crisis in Africa and the third largest in the world, with nearly 2.4 million people having fled the ongoing conflict and violence to seek safety in other countries, according to UNHCR.

For those who remain in South Sudan, the lingering impact of post-war trauma manifests in various ways, affecting mental health, resource availability, development, and education, particularly for nearly 50% of the population under the age of 18.

Planting seeds of hope

Your support of our partnership with local leaders in South Sudan and Uganda has catalyzed transformative change in the lives of countless individuals and families.

Mission ONE Founder, Bob Schindler, met our partner during his first trip to Kenya in 1988. Our partner, then a student at a local Bible college, expressed a fervent desire to bring the Word of God back to his war-torn country, South Sudan. Despite the risks to his own life, his dedication to ministry and discipleship laid the foundation for significant impact.

Thanks to your faithful support, we have been in partnership to extend the reach of the gospel across South Sudan for the past 32 years. Within this time, our ministry expanded to Uganda, where many refugees from South Sudan have fled in search of safety from the ravages of war.

Restoring faith through the gospel

Today, our ministry in these two countries comprises a network of 36 local missionaries dedicated to planting churches, addressing community needs, and venturing to the hardest places to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Together, we have established and continue to support 37 local churches, tangible evidence of your impact in fostering faith communities that offer sanctuary for worship, fellowship, and the teaching of God’s Word!

Since the onset of the war in Sudan, beginning in April 2023, we have seen an influx of over 670 new members across four of these local churches in the town where our local partner lives in South Sudan. Each of these members is in dire need of support as the crisis persists.

You can read more about what’s going on in South Sudan and how we can partner together to provide relief here.

Paving a path forward

We view the local church as the primary catalyst for transforming communities look more like the Kingdom of God. We firmly believe that the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ holds the power to change individuals, families, and entire communities from the inside out.

To ensure the sustainability of the ministry, we have initiated two projects, a bakery in South Sudan and a chicken project in a Ugandan refugee settlement, which are uplifting their communities and providing hope where it was once lost.

In Uganda, our local leader of the chicken project has planted three churches in the refugee camp where he lives, spreading the gospel message and providing support to his community. The project not only sustains these churches, but also empowers our local leader to visit other refugee camps, share the gospel, and train others in establishing thriving chicken businesses of their own.

With your support, we are coming alongside those who have experienced deep loss, heartache, and unimaginable hardships. We are meeting their physical and spiritual needs through the local church, and sowing seeds of hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for joining us in transforming communities to look more like the Kingdom of God. We couldn’t do this work with you!

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