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In a community where gunfire is a weekly norm, hardships are commonplace, and people are often without food, our local partnership in Juba, South Sudan has been changing lives and transforming communities since 1991. Our partner’s personal journey of persecution for his faith laid the groundwork for the vision of this ministry which exists to plant churches, share the gospel, meet the needs of the community, and pray with the broken-spirited.

How it began

Bob Schindler, Founder of Mission ONE, met our local partner during his first trip to Africa in 1988, marking the beginning of what would become a long-standing, trusted relationship aimed at alleviating the suffering of those in Sudan and South Sudan.

The heart of this ministry beats with compassion for the broken-spirited. Having faced multiple arrests and near-death experiences for his outspoken faith, our partner understands the struggles of those in war-torn regions. His story allows him to meet others where they’re at and disciple them from a place of understanding as he has experienced the power of the Lord in profound and tangible ways.

Making a way forward

In response to the economic collapse caused by the South Sudan civil war, we’ve joined together, with your incredible support, to establish a technology center that reflects a forward-thinking approach to breaking the cycle of poverty and despair. This center aims to empower the youth in Juba through computer skills training, English education, and biblical studies. Graduates will be further supported in their quest for meaningful employment through a co-working space equipped with mentors and resources.

The building for the tech hub is now fully constructed, equipped with laptops, monitors, and desks. The tech hub has received its license from the government, and we are still waiting on approval for accreditation from the Ministry of Education. Upon this approval, we will be able to hire staff and begin promoting the program to gain more awareness.

The greater impact of the gospel

When you support this project, you enable us to continue providing a safe space for youth to be given the tools to use their God-given gifts. You are providing a space that will foster hope and positive change through the power of the gospel.

The reach of this ministry extends beyond individual lives to communities and even entire regions. Projects like this one support the ministry of continuing to plant churches where there were none before, which has turned into a network of churches that have been formed since our partnership began in 1991. With your impact, we were able to plant six new churches alongside our ministry partner in Juba just last year!

This is how your support is building the Kingdom of God here on Earth—restoring hope where it was once lost by providing new opportunities to learn both in trade and faith, and creating communities where people can gather together to worship Jesus Christ.

Praise God for your support which is making all of this possible!

“Thank you so much. Thank God for my brothers and sisters who have been so kind and helpful. People could have died of hunger and starvation, but they are alive. They always tell me to send thanks and appreciation for meeting their needs.” —Mission ONE Partner in South Sudan

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