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In 2001, Mission ONE began a partnership with a local ministry in the heart of the Middle East. With your generous support, this ministry spans across both Syria and Lebanon, and throughout the years has shown the love of Jesus through a variety of efforts including repatriating families and building up the local church through discipleship.

Though this ministry has a broad scope, much of the focus has been on reaching a particular people group, the Druze community, with the good news of the gospel. Despite the challenges posed by their diverse religious landscape, together we began a journey of building relationships, cultivating discipleship, and restoring hope.

The strength of this ministry lies in its unique approach to relationship building, facilitated by our local partner and founding member of the ministry who shares the same background as the community. This shared identity provides a solid foundation for creating distinctive discipleship opportunities and breaking down barriers that would hinder the acceptance of religious influences from outsiders.

Within this ethnic group, a fascinating interplay of religious and cultural influences is evident. The government’s mandate to impart Islamic teachings in educational institutions has led to a dynamic where many individuals exhibit a strong commitment to Druze beliefs, while others show an inclination towards Islam.

Creating faith communities

This ministry consists of a network of 15 local missionaries who are faithfully sharing the hope of the message of Jesus Christ and serving the greatest needs of their communities. To date, over 70 local churches have been planted since the start of our partnership.

Amidst poverty, dire conditions, and turbulent times in the Middle East, we have witnessed life-changing transformations through the faith communities that have been formed through this ministry. In the face of adversity, many from the Druze religious sect have found comfort and hope in the teachings of Jesus.

Our local leader has shared with us that the Holy Spirit is leading many to experience the power of God and the hope of the gospel. Through discipleship, they are learning how to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ with their families, friends, and communities. The transformation they’re experiencing is evident and people are asking questions about Jesus and this significant change in their lives.

“Our story among the communities we are serving and ministering to tells about the hope and light of Christ that is shining bright amidst darkest times in the Middle East.” —Mission ONE Partner in the Middle East

Though we are seeing much growth in the Christian faith amongst the communities we’re serving in Lebanon and Syria, we continue to pray for the persecution that exists against the body of Christ—for safety, strength, and peace.

With your continued support, we aim to work exclusively through the local church. By building relationships and cultivating spiritual growth, we believe we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Together, we remain firm in our conviction that the love of God can shine brightly even in the most challenging regions. Thank you for standing with us and for contributing to the transformation we’re seeing in the Middle East and beyond!

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