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olivia k mulerwa


Olivia leads the team at Mission ONE to address the physical and spiritual needs of communities in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in Jesus' name. In her role, she focuses on transforming communities through love, compassion, and connection, grounded in her deep faith as a follower of Jesus. Olivia believes that Godly leadership, marked by humility and servanthood, is key to making a lasting difference in the world.

With a passion for nonprofit leadership, international development, and public policy, Olivia has traveled to over eight countries across four continents to further her mission. Equipped with two master’s degrees in Law and International Business, she has extensive experience in transitional justice, human rights, and international education. Her notable achievements include authoring Rwanda’s first National Human Rights Policy while working for the Ministry of Justice of Rwanda and collaborating closely with the United Nations.


Werner Mischke

Vice President

Werner has been serving with Mission ONE since 1992. He leads our Training Ministry and currently serves as Vice President. He is the author of The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World (2015). Werner is a key leader of the Honor-Shame Network which helps facilitate a global conversation about honor, shame, and the gospel in missiology and theology. He served as coordinator of the Honor-Shame Conference held at Wheaton College in June 2017, and has taught on “Honor, Shame and the Gospel” in Brazil, India, Lebanon, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.

Read more about Werner Mischke at wernermiscke.org


Bob Schindler

Founder & Global Ambassador

Bob is the Founder and Global Ambassador of Mission ONE. His life of faith began when he accepted Christ while attending university. After working in a family business, he and his wife, Diana, traveled as evangelists beginning in 1978. During a teaching engagement in Africa, God planted a seed in Bob’s heart to come alongside His faithful servants in developing nations, as they evangelize and plant churches among unreached peoples. After much prayer and counsel, the partnership ministry of Mission ONE was born in 1991. Diana passed away in 2002. Bob married Linda in 2005. Together they travel extensively in the US, representing Mission ONE, and internationally, serving our indigenous partners.


Ashley Godsil

Director of Development

Ashley Godsil is a dedicated and passionate professional that serves as the Director of Development at Mission ONE. Ashley plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization's goals with her extensive experience in fundraising and nonprofit management, combined with her unwavering support of the organization’s mission.

Ashley brings a unique blend of faith, leadership, and strategic thinking in her approach to fundraising for Mission ONE. She recognizes the power of people as agents of change and forges meaningful relationships with supporters who share a passion for the ministry's work. Creative by nature, Ashley excels at identifying and harnessing appropriate resources to bring strategic visions to life, often achieving remarkable outcomes with limited resources. Ashley’s leadership and dedication serve as a driving force behind her ability to not only achieve strategic goals but also garner vital support needed to make a lasting impact on the lives of those our ministry serves.


Bikonzi Moise

Programs Manager

Bikonzi loves Jesus, loves people, and wants to see them prosper. His passion to reduce poverty and his inherent cultural knowledge drives the problem solving he brings to projects he works on with our partners in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.



Sonja Robertson

Finance & Operations Manager

Making the best possible use of God’s resources is a top priority at Mission ONE. Sonja watches every dollar and makes sure that our budgets reflect our vision. She has been managing operations and finance for over 12 years while being a vital cultural maker on the team.


Shawna Melton

Office Manager

Shawna is an Arizona native who brings passion and organization to her role as she supports the Mission ONE team. Married to a firefighter, Shawna has two sons and enjoys watching them play football. 


Annie Bamaw

Engagement Coordinator

Annie’s life of faith began as a child, and she has since been passionate about creating spaces where faith and real life intersect. With a background in communications and a heart for humanitarian causes, she specializes in forging meaningful connections and driving impactful engagement.


Jenny Moise

Staff Writer

Jenny has a background in behavioral health and ministry, and a passion for creativity. She desires to create content and resources that reflect who God is and encourage others in their unique callings. She enjoys using her gifts to compose and share stories of impact that connect people to the Kingdom work that is happening around the world.

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