equip local leaders to
plant churches where there are none

The Beauty of Partnership

Our widely-respected thought leadership on cross-cultural partnerships has now been adapted from a study guide into this immersive digital course!

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"the local leader has the unmatched advantage of knowing the people, the culture, the language, and the barriers to the gospel as he is 'one of them' and his changed life demands an answer!"

-Mission ONE Partner, Nepal

Immediate Relief

When survival is on the line because of war, oppression, or natural disaster, we want to help immediately. We listen to our partners to understand the real needs, and then we meet them– restoring honor and humanity to people in their most desperate hour.

Impactful Projects

We assist in planning and promoting initiatives such as planting churches, developing missional businesses, schools, and medical facilities through local church outreach in communities where the need is great.

Sustainable Training

We train leaders in new ways that are more relevant to people that have historically been difficult to reach with the gospel. Our staff of writers and theologians have developed incredible resources for our partners and change agents in the US.