For the Glory of God
and the



We are global and local 

We partner with the Global Church to transform communities to look more like the Kingdom of God and reach unreached people groups through the expression of the local church. 

We listen to those in need 

We partner with local indigenous leaders and missional organizations around the world as they listen to the communities they are already serving and identify their greatest needs. 

We respond by sustaining local communities 

We assist in planning and promoting locally-sustained projects and initiatives that aim to transform communities from the inside out. Whether it be through a small business, medical clinic, school, immediate relief, or local church plant, our partners are empowering not only this generation but also those to come. 

We develop culturally relevant theological resources 

We create curriculum and train leaders on how to build healthy missional relationships and restore honor to all peoples by helping them understand the gospel through their own cultural lenses.  

"the local leader has the unmatched advantage of knowing the people, the culture, the language, and the barriers to the gospel as he is 'one of them' and his changed life demands an answer!"

-Mission ONE Partner, Nepal

The Beauty of Partnership

Our widely-respected thought leadership on cross-cultural partnerships has now been adapted from a study guide into this immersive digital course!

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