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We're sharing three things you should consider before you organize or participate in an international mission trip, seek to do work in the multicultural neighborhood in your own city, or embark on any cross-cultural partnership.

promises of God

The Promises of God

The Promises of God is a guide to assist you in sharing the gospel or facilitate a discussion with a group. Jackson Wu, Honor and Shame Theologian, has created both a clear presentation of the gospel as well as a companion document to better prepare you in whatever way you choose to use these tools.

August FB Posts

The Father's Love Coloring Book

We created a unique way to share the story of “The Prodigal Son” with your family.

“The Father’s Love” coloring book is designed to help you interact with the children in your life and teach them more about how much they’re loved.

guide to rest

A Guide to Rest

We want to support you in your journey to enter into rest so we’ve created a short guide to help you reflect. Download it to your phone or device and create space to respond to each prompt.


Hospitality and Lament Art Print

Loving and caring for the stranger — hospitality. God calls us to this kind of hospitality.

Adorn your walls with this beautiful reminder.