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In the Middle East, our ministry is witnessing the profound impact of intentional discipleship as communities gather to study the Word of God, nurturing a deep connection with their faith.

Growth of local churches

Through your support of our missional partner, the local church continues to grow in the Middle East, fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities. The 70+ churches, which have been planted since the start of our partnership in 2001, have been instrumental in creating a safe space for individuals to come together to worship, learn, and strengthen their relationship with God.

Faith beyond the church walls

In addition, our efforts to build trusted relationships among the Druze community have led to the creation of 20 discipleship groups—five in Lebanon and 15 in Syria.

These home groups provide safe spaces for community members to ask questions and learn about Jesus, fellowship with other believers, and pray together amidst uncertain and turbulent times.

They are allowing time for community members to immerse themselves in the Word of God together as the body of Christ, sharing in their faith journeys and supporting one another along the way. The beauty of these close-knit groups lies in the bonds formed, offering a sense of belonging and shared commitment to growth.

Those who have found hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ are now being trained to take on leadership roles. They are being taught how to have conversations about Jesus with their families, friends, and peers in their workplaces—furthering the impact of the gospel and bringing hope to a greater multitude.

As more and more people are touched by the genuine love and hope radiating from believers, the community becomes a place where hearts are uplifted, spirits are renewed, and the power of faith is truly felt. Last year, our ministry partner baptized around 50 believers from Lebanon and Syria in the Mediterranean Sea. Praise God!

A life transformed

Our partner shared an inspiring story with us. Bassel (name has been changed) resided in Libya with his family. Despite his Druze background, he grew up dedicating himself to the pillars of Islam and the teachings of the Quran. After relocating with his family to Syria, he faced rejection and persecution from the Druze community as he continued his devotion to Islam. He was persistently met with arguments against the Quran from one particular friend and gradually fell into confusion and a state of atheism.

Sometime later, Bassel ran into this same friend and was shocked to find he had experienced a radical transformation in his faith. He had found hope in Jesus Christ and began inviting Bassel to his home in hopes of sharing more about this significant change in his life. Bassel was hesitant at first, however, he interestingly kept running into his friend in the community and eventually agreed. Bassel asked his friend, “How can I be certain that this is the true God and the true faith?” His friend encouraged him to pray sincerely, asking Jesus himself for the answers he sought.

Bassel was soon met with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. After earnestly praying to Jesus for clarity, he felt an overwhelming fire within him accompanied by an indescribable joy. This encounter marked a turning point in his life. Since then, Bassel has been devout in studying God’s Word and deepening his understanding of the Christian faith. His relationship with Jesus has inspired him to share the hope of the gospel with others in his community.

Prayer for believers in the Middle East

As we celebrate the growth and impact of this ministry, we are mindful of the challenges faced by the body of Christ in the Middle East. Persecution exists, and we earnestly pray for the safety, strength, and peace of believers enduring these trials. May the love and hope they have found in Christ sustain them through every adversity.

Together, let us continue to pray, support, and celebrate the incredible work being done in the name of Jesus Christ in the Middle East!

Thank you for your support of Mission ONE which is making this possible!

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