Theology matters for community development because it reminds us that all of life is all for Jesus. The Bible shapes how we see the world, ourselves, and, most importantly, the Lord. The Spirit uses Scripture to change hearts and sustain lifestyles that glorify Christ and honor all peoples. Without a biblical perspective, communities cannot become more like the Kingdom of God.

When leaders learn to understand the Bible in terms of honor and shame, they present the gospel in ways that connect to all aspects of their community’s lives. Request a speaker from Mission ONE for your event below.


Werner has been serving with Mission ONE since 1992. He leads our Training Ministry and currently serves as Vice President. He is the author of The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World (2015). Werner is a key leader of the Honor-Shame Network which helps facilitate a global conversation about honor, shame, and the gospel in missiology and theology. He served as coordinator of the Honor-Shame Conference held at Wheaton College in June 2017 and has taught on “Honor, Shame and the Gospel” in Brazil, India, Lebanon, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.


Werner might be the best fit for your speaking engagement if you want a dynamic, thoroughly biblical exploration of honor, shame, and the gospel - and why it matters in our world.

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Jackson Wu is one of the world’s experts on the subject of honor, shame, and the gospel. He and his family lived in China for 15 years before joining our team in 2019. He received a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He belongs to the steering committee of the Asian/Asian-American Theology Consultation for the Evangelical Theological Society. Jackson is the author of three books: Saving God’s Face, One Gospel for All Nations, and Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes.


Jackson Wu might be the best fit for your speaking engagement if you want to learn about contextualization, honor, and shame.

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William is passionate about making this world more like the kingdom of God, especially in the most difficult places. William worked as an engineer before going into international ministry in 2014. William graduated with a degree in Engineering from the University of Alabama where he was a member of the football team, winning two National Championships under Coach Saban. He is currently working on a master’s degree at Missional Training Center, accredited by Covenant Theological Seminary.

William might be the best fit for your speaking engagement if you want to hear a new, Christian perspective on things traditionally unobserved or misinterpreted.

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“Thought-provoking, redemptive, restorative, renewing, and wonderfully practical.... I believe this will minister to people on many fronts for a long time to come."

Kerry Schottelkorb, President of China Source

“Thought provoking”

"I really appreciated the discussion on how cross-cultural experience and a multicultural understanding of Scripture can enhance one's overall understanding of the Gospel. Very insightful.”

 "I am a career missionary, church planter, Bible translator, and I have been in a lot of teaching sessions over the years, but I just want to say that [Werner's teaching] on Honor and Shame has equaled the best of the best of them. Although many Ethnos360 missionaries have ministered in honor-shame cultures, it is only recently, mostly through [Werner and Mission ONE], that we have been confronted with the Honor-Shame challenge. The thoroughness in teaching, energy, and emotion in delivery, all speak to my heart and mind, and to many others also."

Dell Schultze, Ethnos360

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