From the ROM South Sudan Team

“Many people always wonder at what God is doing in the lives of sick people. This made them to call us to pray for their relatives. As a result, Najowa Janrio who was suffering from epilepsy came to my house so I could pray for her. She got sick when she was about 10 years old. She is now over 22 years. It was very difficult to know whether it was epilepsy or being possessed with demons because of the similar diagnosis. Najowa could not sleep at night nor was able to rest during the day. In the first day, we had to counsel and witness to her about the importance of salvation before praying for healing. After she received Christ in her life, we prayed for her. The effect of prayer resulted in sound sleep and she no longer falls down…In the following days, we taught her to grow in her faith. Her parents are not Christians, but her healing will bring spiritual impact to the whole family.”

From the AECM West Africa Team

“Madam Stephanie, who is the wife of Dosseh Hilaire, is a good Christian. She participates in all the programs of the church. But her husband was a drunkard and an adulterer. All his income was used on drink and women. He did not bother anymore to take care of his household. His wife was suffering alone with the six children. Because of the alcohol, the life of Dosseh was being destroyed everyday. His wife took seriously this matter and all the church began to pray for him. Our God that changes time and circumstances, and mostly changes the hearts of mighty men, touched the heart of Dosseh. Today, glory be to God, he has given his life to Jesus and is among the 16 new converts that received water baptism. Let us pray for him so that he becomes an instrument for the glory of God.”