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At the end of June, we had the opportunity to participate in a pastors’ conference hosted by our local partner in Togo. Together with Mission ONE support, we were able to deliver Biblical training to 120 pastors serving rural communities across Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast.

These missionaries travel to remote villages sharing the gospel with communities who have never heard of Jesus Christ. This is why it’s vital for local pastors to receive training on sound doctrine so they are equipped in their callings to bring the hope of God to unreached people groups. Being the first representation of the gospel these communities receive, we have an obligation to ensure these local church plants are built on the foundation of God’s Word.

Equipping local pastors to plant churches where there are none

One of the most valuable aspects of this conference was that the training was delivered in their native languages of French and Ewe. This dynamic allowed for a more effective approach to communication and also empowered the leaders in their understanding of how to share the gospel in their own cultural contexts.

We also spent time worshiping together as the body of Christ. This served as a reminder for the pastors that they aren’t alone in their work, but they are part of a larger network of believers who can relate to the struggles and joys of planting local churches where there are none. It was also a time of reflection and reverence as worship calls us to remember the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing glory and honor to Him.

Everyone we spoke with at the conference expressed their gratitude to have this intentional time away to process their experiences and be strengthened in their knowledge of God’s Word. They left feeling refreshed and ready to continue the work of building the Kingdom of God in the hardest places. They also felt acknowledged on a holistic level—not just as leaders, but as spouses, parents, brothers, and sisters. These pastors live exemplary lives, and we want to encourage them in every aspect that God has given them to steward.

Thank you for your faithful support which made this conference possible. Together, we’re providing Biblical training and resources for pastors around the world as they build the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

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