Togo is one of the world's top five producers of phosphates (used in fertilizers), but the country remains poor and dependent on foreign aid. People with indigenous beliefs make up the largest religious group, but Christians and Muslims also make up a significant minority. Traditional healing methods are widely used in Togo. Each center has an herbalist. Medical treatments usually involve frequent visits to the house of Voodoo and the local fetish priest.


The practices of worshiping idols and performing sacrifices keeps people enslaved to a fatalistic system. In this belief system, people who are sick suffer without medicine, and education is discouraged. In rural Togo, only about half the population has access to clean water and less than 20% have access to basic sanitation facilities. 

Atakpamé, Togo - June 29, 2019: Mother and her children at her house in a Fulani tribe village close Atakpamé, Togo, West Africa. The Fulani live closely with their animals in their village. The people live in straw huts with thatched roofs.

our approach

We were never intended to live in poverty, divided against one another, with little hope for peace. In the Kingdom of God, poverty, violence, division, and hopelessness will not exist. We think that the Church is God’s primary transforming agent in the world. The local church is there to make its community more like the Kingdom of God.

Read on to learn how communities are being transformed in Togo.

Our partners

Mission ONE has been working in West Africa since 2006 through our trusted partners at African Evangelical Christian Mission (AECM), led by Joseph and Gracia Ayigah. AECM focuses on discipleship, pastoral care through relationships, walking with broken families, and freedom from bondage through Christ. Through the local church, they have been able to establish schools and clinics to meet the needs of the community. 
West Africa. Togo. Lome. 01/23/2014. This colorful image depicts a primary school student writing with chalk on a blackboard.


Gozem Car Rental - A rental car business is meeting a local need for safe transport and supporting local ministry projects through the profits.

Education - Our partners have established a school, a clinic, and a church, which serve the community mentally, physically, and spiritually. They are also helping the community grow their capacity to move out of poverty and into their God-given potential. They train pastors and missionaries through an extensive network of local churches and emphasize freedom from bondage through Christ. 

Gospel context

West Africa is a meeting point of different religions. Islam, Tribal religions, and Christianity all exist in the region, and often not peacefully. People living in pluralistic and tribal cultures are in tune with spiritual realities that we often miss in the "enlightened" West. The power of Jesus' death and resurrection is best applied when people see its power to address the struggles of their everyday lives, often associated with spirits.

To learn more about the spiritual power of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection check out One Gospel for All Nations, written by Mission ONE Theologian in Residence, Jackson W.

Avepozo, Togo - October 21, 2018: Female beach vendor carries a bowl with eggs on her head. She is looking for customers at the beautiful Coco Beach, which is a famous place for the coconut palm trees in Avepozo, Togo, West Africa.