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We believe it’s through the expression of the local church that communities are sustained and transformed to look more like the Kingdom of God.

In July, we visited our ministry partners throughout Africa. While we were there, Olivia, Mission ONE President, recorded this special video message for you showcasing how the local church is sharing the gospel.


With your support, we’ve seen this impact first-hand as local churches have been planted in hard-to-reach places across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

This year alone, we’ve planted 1,518 churches where there were none before and 3,984 people have come to know the hope of Jesus Christ. Praise God! Since we began this work over 30 years ago, 8,142 churches have been planted and over 360,000 people have accepted the love and forgiveness of Christ. Thank you for your faithful support which is directly expanding the reach of the gospel around the world!

We want to share a story with you about what this looks like for one of our local partners in his own context.

How Pastor Thomas is Sharing the Gospel

Pastor Thomas, leader of the chicken project we began with your support, spends his time faithfully ministering to his community in the Kiryandongo Refugee Camp in Uganda. A refugee himself, he understands the hardship and trauma his community faces. As a believer, he knows that the deepest comfort and peace can only be found in the hope of God.

To date, he has planted three churches in the camp which are providing a safe space for refugees to worship and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lives are Being Transformed

Pastor Thomas has recently shared with us about a woman who is being blessed by one of these local churches. Santa Achola, a widow and mother to eight children, had lost hope. When she began to share her struggles with the leaders of the church, she was met with compassion and was able to receive Biblical counseling which strengthened her hope in God.

The church met to figure out how they could help, and in response, she was given maize, beans, sugar, and soap to meet the immediate needs of her and her children. The church also gave her a small amount of money from the offering which she has used to create a small business for herself. She now fries mandasi, a sweet bread, and cassava, a root vegetable, to sell to school children during their break. The income she is making is helping care for her children and providing a new way forward for the family.

Pastor Thomas is also using the chicken project as a ministry to provide a dignified source of income and job opportunities for others in the camp, and part of the profit is also providing resources and tangible support to these churches.

Thank you for supporting the global church to plant churches where there are none, and provide hope to refugees like Santa Achola.

Your faithful support is extending the truth of the gospel and building the Kingdom of God!

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