Located in East Africa, Uganda borders Africa’s largest freshwater lake — Lake Victoria. Roughly the size of Great Britain, Uganda is populated by dozens of ethnic groups. Uganda has been a relatively stable country and a refuge for those fleeing neighboring countries during times of conflict. 


Half of Uganda’s elementary-aged girls are not in school. Poverty is one of the key reasons girls drop out of school. Impoverished families often need their daughters to stay at home and help with the housework or other income-generating activities. Some families feel forced to marry off their young daughters to receive a dowry, which can provide a much-needed source of income. Once married, young girls have responsibilities that keep them from attending school. 
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our approach

We were never intended to live in poverty, divided against one another, with little hope for peace. In the Kingdom of God, poverty, violence, division, and hopelessness will not exist. We think that the Church is God’s primary transforming agent in the world. The local church is there to make its community more like the Kingdom of God.

Read on to learn how communities are being transformed in Uganda.

Our partners

Mission To Unreached People (MUPE), led by Janet Kosgei and her father Hannington Munyao, is an African-led ministry that mentors, disciples, and raises up African leaders to reach ethnolinguistic people groups with little to no access to the message of Jesus. After Hannington spent time in Sudan as a missionary, his heart for Christ and passion for missions resulted in the founding of MUPE. MUPE is mobilizing the African church to send out African missionaries with local support to unreached people. Mission ONE has partnered with MUPE since 2000. 

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Murecars Car Rental - Proceeds from the Murecar car rental project will financially support the work of the MUPE ministry and its missionaries serving vulnerable communities in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda.

Gospel Context

East Africa has become a majority Christian culture over the last 200 years. While the message of Jesus has spread far and wide, the good news often lacks a connection to people's everyday lives. Western missionaries left out much of the benefits of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. 

To learn more about how Jesus' life, death, and resurrection has the power to lift people out of poverty, check out this blog by our President.