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Since gaining independence in 2011, South Sudan has been marred by conflict, displacing millions and plunging families into a relentless cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

Our local partner envisions a brighter future for South Sudan by addressing its core challenges. Understanding the profound impact of education, job opportunities, and training, our partner initiated a bakery project with your support—a powerful response to the community’s need for help.

This project aims to provide not only physical sustenance, but also emotional and spiritual encouragement to the people of Torit, South Sudan. Amidst chaos and trauma, the project sends a resounding message: change is possible through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Empowering women and sustaining families

Under prayerful consideration, 14 women from the community and local church were selected to begin training in 2022. During this training, the women learned how to bake bread and other baked goods using the ovens that were purchased with your support of this project. Each of these women then trained one additional woman in these same skills, multiplying both the impact and hope that the bakery would bring.

While the current economy has drastically increased the price on raw ingredients, making it challenging to expand the bakery, we remain hopeful of the life-changing impact that these 28 women are experiencing through this project.

With the ability to use their skills to bake in their homes, they are able to sell various baked goods in the market, making a small income to provide for their families. In addition, with the training the’ve received, they are able to nourish their families in the midst of the unstable conditions in South Sudan.

A community of women coming together

Through the relationships these women have built with each other, both through the bakery and the local church, 21 of them have even started a Bible study together. They meet weekly to discuss God’s Word and encourage one another in their faith.

Not only has this bakery provided a dignified source of income for women in the community, but it has unified a group of women who had once lost hope in how they would provide basic needs for their families.

Together, they are finding a renewed purpose and being given the chance to use their God-given gifts for his glory and the honor of all people—being empowered in who they have been created to be.

The bakery project remains a shining example of resilience, determination, and hope. It stands as a testament to the life-changing impact that community-focused projects can have, offering a glimpse of a brighter future for South Sudan.

Thank you for your impact which has made this possible!

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