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The country of South Sudan is facing a severe humanitarian crisis. Of the 11 million people who live in the country, 7.7 million are food insecure and 2.2 million have been internally displaced. Ongoing economic and political unrest, violent conflict, flooding, and severe drought are wreaking havoc on the well-being of countless children, families, and communities.

In April of 2023, a civil war broke out in Sudan, causing 1.3 million people to flee for safety in five neighboring countries, one of them being South Sudan.

Our local ministry partner in Torit, South Sudan is on the front lines, engaging with the urgent needs of his community in the midst of this crisis. He needs our help now to provide lifesaving support!

Our response

We’re launching a campaign to raise $58,000 by February 18th to support our partners in South Sudan by providing immediate relief—food, hygiene items, basic necessities to survive! With your support, we can show the hope of the gospel to countless families, meeting their needs and providing opportunities to share the love of God with those who feel they have no where to turn.

Serving the community through the local church

As the circumstances in Sudan forced many to flee, our partner is confronted with numerous challenges, striving to support his wife and eight children, and housing 24 others in his home, mostly from Sudan, who have found themselves in desperate circumstances without anywhere else to turn.

Together with your support, our partner is also leading and supporting a network of 36 local missionaries across various South Sudan villages and a refugee camp in Uganda. In the town of Torit, where our local partner lives, four local churches have been planted and supported since the start of the ministry. In these churches alone, there has been an influx of 670 new members—all in need of support—over the last five months.

With your impact, our ministry partner provides support and shares the hope of the gospel through the establishment of 37 local churches across South Sudan and Uganda. Fourteen of these churches were planted just this last year, with six additional churches planted last year through your support of our local partner in Juba, South Sudan. All of which have been impacted by this ongoing crisis, and are in need of our support to continue serving their communities!

A glimmer of hope

One of our incredible Mission ONE interns from this past semester, Rachel, reached out to her community during her time with us and fundraised $1,400 to support our local partner in South Sudan. After sending these funds in December, our local partner asked his community what would benefit them most, and they shared that they didn’t need things like clothing or sugar, instead they wished for maize for its long shelf-life. With this support, our partner was able to purchase 250 kilograms of maize to deliver to families right before Christmas. He shared with us, “Your help overjoys people in our community. People are rejoicing that they will have something to eat for Christmas.”

Together with our local ministry partner, we remain dedicated to meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of communities like these. Please join us in prayer for this crisis that is taking place in South Sudan and the ongoing war in Sudan, and consider how you might join us in reaching our goal of raising $58,000 by February 18th to provide immediate relief where it’s needed most.

Thank you for your commitment to seeing communities transformed to look more like the Kingdom. Your impact is serving children, families, and communities through the local church, and sharing God’s love with those who have lost hope.

“The support sent to us is the only thing that keeps us going. The people in the community have told me to thank Mission ONE. Thank you so much for rescuing us.” —Mission ONE Partner in South Sudan

Provide immediate relief to South Sudan today!

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