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We see in Scripture that Jesus was deeply personal in his ministry. He was purposeful in how he spent his time ministering to communities and engaging with others. His speech was filled with intention and his actions demonstrated value for those in his presence.

This is the type of ministry we’re after. This is why we’ve spent the last 32 years developing relationships with our partners and learning one another’s stories and gifts as we seek to build the Kingdom together. This is also why we partner with indigenous leaders who are already immersed in the cultures and communities we’re serving.

When we commit to building personal and intentional relationships with remote villages for the long term, we’re able to both acknowledge the unique cultural contexts of the communities we’re ministering to and establish a foundation of trust to build the local church on.

This is a long-term investment

Over the past 23 years, Mission ONE has partnered with leaders in Kenya to mentor, disciple, and raise up local missionaries to reach indigenous people groups with little to no access to the message of Jesus Christ. Together, with your impact and our network of 25+ missionaries, we’re mobilizing the local church to extend the truth of the gospel across Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda.

Two of our partners are Janet and her uncle, Hannington. Hannington was a missionary in Sudan when he felt the call to begin his own ministry. Janet began working with the ministry as a receptionist when she was a teenager. Her passion for reaching unreached people groups and desire to see the Kingdom of God here on Earth propels her in her work. She spends her time overseeing the operations of ministry, meeting with our network of missionaries, and serving alongside her husband who is a pastor of a local church in their community.

Holistically serving remote villages

Janet has once said, “The missionaries in such areas are the medics, they are the midwives, they are the teachers, they do masonry work, carpentry, and just everything.” These leaders are holistically serving their communities through the gifts they have uniquely been given by God. They are using the resources they have to meet the needs of their communities and serve them exactly where they’re at. They are also connecting and building relationships with others in order to create opportunities to share the gospel with unreached people groups.

Through this long-term investment in community transformation, deeply-rooted systems of physical and spiritual poverty are being eradicated. Individuals and families are beginning to both see and feel the lasting impact of this development and are holding onto hope for the future ahead.

Our established partnerships allow us to build relationships with remote and unreached communities for the long term. The impact is not always felt immediately. It’s the commitment to seeing the goodness and glory of the Lord day after day that leads to generational and community-wide transformation for the Kingdom’s sake.

When you give to Mission ONE, you enter into these long-standing relationships of trust with us. Your gift allows us to partner with the local church for the long term which impacts entire communities one individual, one family, and one generation at a time.

Thank you for joining us!

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