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In South Sudan, our local partner is finding a creative solution to meet the needs of his community.

Because of the ongoing unrest and instability in South Sudan, countless people are struggling to buy food and provide for their families. Inflation has driven up the costs of just about everything, and the current drought they are experiencing is also causing unfavorable conditions for crops which has led to a shortage of their already limited food supply.

In response to these circumstances, our partner has prayerfully considered how to provide a way to renew hope in his community and help them in the midst of this difficult and trying time.

After much research, he began planting sunflowers which are being harvested for their seeds to provide a healthy food source for the community. He chose sunflowers because they are able to withstand extended dry seasons. Due to their deep root systems, they don’t require a lot of water and are also heat-resistant.

These sunflowers have just been harvested and the seeds are being cleaned and sorted to sell at the market. Some of the seeds will also be used to make sunflower oil which will also be sold for families to cook with.

Our partner has also planted and is getting ready to harvest maize which can be ground into a flour, and he is looking into the next steps to take to grow watermelons and wheat as well.

Also overseeing the bakery project, he wants to learn how to grow the wheat that can be used to make bread by the women employed by this program. The flour they are currently using is very expensive due to inflation. He is creatively seeking solutions on how to make the bakery even more profitable for the women and missionaries in the community supported by this project.

In selling these crops at the market, this project is able to create job opportunities for those in the community who have been struggling to find work and provide for their families. Our partner also desires to use this project in his ministry and leadership. Many from the community come to him when they are in need. He is honored to be in a position to have access to a food source in order to provide for them.

Our local partner is currently using about four acres of land for these crops, but plans to find ways to use even more in the near future. He has the greater impact of the gospel in mind as he is striving to reach even more people for the glory of God. He believes in taking steps to sustain this community, it will be transformed from the inside out.

We are inspired by our partner’s creativity and the ways he is meeting the current needs of his community. He is moving forward despite what may seem like setbacks in the current climate and state of the country.

Thank you for joining us in supporting the faithful work of our local partners as they serve the greatest needs in their communities!

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