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This week we are highlighting our partners that minister in Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. This team focuses on house to house evangelism and church planting. This week we want to focus on a story of one man in their community who responded to the call the Lord put on his heart for his community.

Joseph Limale and his wife serve in Kenya, they felt a call to go into the unreached people groups of their community. They had no money, but God had blessed them with some animas, chickens, goats, and cows. Joseph sold one of his chickens and bought some things to make tea in order to welcome and invite people into his home to share the gospel. The number of people who would come began to grow but he noticed that there were no men who would come because they had no clothes to wear making them shy away. Joseph prayed that God would help intervene for these men and provide a way to get them clothing.

He was able to purchase some massai shawls for the men and sheets for the women by selling one of his goats. The men in the community began to come and more women as well and people began to accept Jesus! God continued to bless his animals as they reproduced and were spared from the diseases that had broken out in the area. Through prayer and provision from God he sold his other goats and cows and was able to build a house and shop in order to have a better meeting space to gather.

This story is so encouraging in that Joseph stewarded what God has blessed him with so well and God blessed his ministry abundantly! Together we continue to pray that God will bless Joseph and his ministry and that more and more in the community will come to Christ. We also come to Jesus and ask that God would reveal to us how we can be good stewards of the gifts and things he has given us.

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