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A couple months ago, we launched a campaign to fund a coffee project in Nepal. With your faithful impact, we are on our way to purchasing the land and initiating the groundwork for the coffee project.

We want to take a moment to share how God has been working in the details for over a decade to form the vision for this coffee farm.

Our local partner in Nepal has always been bi-vocational.

Since they began, they have initiated numerous projects that share the hope of Jesus with remote villages while meeting their greatest needs. The income they generate from these projects is reinvested back into the ministry of reaching unreached people groups and equipping local pastors to plant churches where there are none.

This project we’re preparing to launch isn’t the first coffee initiative our local partner has been a part of. In fact, their previous experience plays a big role in the vision for this project today.

Over 15 years ago, they distributed coffee seedlings to local pastors and community members for them to plant on their own land. One of these leaders was a young man who was blind in one eye and also had a disability in his arm. He was unable to participate in the heavy farm work his family was involved in, and was hopeful about this opportunity because coffee farming is less labor-intensive than growing other crops.

What both our local partner and this leader didn’t know at the time is the huge impact this would have not only on his life and his family, but also his community. He now has 2,000 mature coffee trees and generates an income of $600,000 per year with his coffee business.

Nearly 1,000 jobs have been created from this success!

The desired impact for the coffee project today is for it to create job opportunities for the community and to also use the coffee seedlings just like they did over a decade ago. By distributing them to local leaders and pastors, they will have the chance to start their own businesses, provide for their families, and sustain their ministries of sharing the gospel with remote villages.

Because of faithful supporters like you, this project will allow the ministry of planting churches where there are none and serving those in need to continue far past this generation.

Read more about the ministry behind the coffee project in this blog post.

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