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After a recent partner visit to South Sudan, we are excited to share with you that the tech hub project in the capital city of Juba has made major strides in its development.

The vision for the tech hub came from our local partner who desperately desires to restore hope to the youth in his community. Due to the conflict and ongoing war that the people in Juba have faced, there is an extremely limited supply of resources and job opportunities left for the community. Many youth are unable to receive an education because of the amount of school closures in this area or the high tuition rates for the ones still open. They are also unable to find healthy and sustainable sources of income to provide for their basic needs. This lack of opportunity often leads to patterns of drug use and alcoholism among the youth.

Our local partner in South Sudan found a way to address these challenges by starting a tech hub, which will not only provide valuable training in a much-needed trade, but it will also be a space used to teach English and biblical studies. There will be mentorship opportunities provided throughout the program as well and they will also receive help finding employment when they are finished with the training.

Our partner believes by providing a safe space for the youth to be given the tools to use their God-given gifts, they will be encouraged to write new narratives for their lives. They will begin to find hope in their lives once again as they are reminded of their purpose and their ability to add value to their communities.

We are excited to share with you that the building for this project has been fully constructed! The laptops and monitors that will be used for training as well as about 30 desks have also been purchased and set up in the tech hub. Along with our local partner, we have also been working on finalizing the curriculum which will be used for the technology training.

Our next steps will include finding a manager to aid our partner in running the tech hub. From there, advertising will begin in order to find teachers for the English and technology classes, as well as for the youth in the community to gain awareness about this program.

Once the students apply and are selected for the program, we will have a better sense of what materials and books to purchase for the English training based on their current level and needs.

Along with our local partner, we are praising God that this project will soon be able to offer hope to a community in desperate need. More than anything, our collective desire is for the youth in this community to know Jesus Christ and to be encouraged in their identities as image-bearers. We believe this tech hub will not only be a source of hope for those attending this program, but it will also be felt in their families, communities, and in the generations to come.

Thank you for your faithful support which is transforming communities to look more like the Kingdom of God!

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