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“Restoring Honor through Shame”—Media Training Fellowship

OUR GOAL is to be a catalyst to confront oppression and violence against women and girls by

  • exploring the biblical basis for the essential honor and equality of women and girls, 
  • examining the role of honor and shame in culture and in social transformations,
  • equipping women to be effective story tellers, media practitioners, and advocates in their own social and organizational contexts.

Here is an overview of the course material on honor-shame

Note: Media Training is also part of every week’s webinar

Week 1: We Are Created for Honor

  • Video 1a—Stories of Less-Than, Stories of Shame
  • Video 1b—God Creates Male and Female with Regal Responsibility
  • Video 1c—Humanity’s Descent into Shame

Week 2: Christ Subverts Our Shame

  • Video 2a—The Bible has an Honor-to-Shame-to-Honor Storyline
  • Video 2b—Jesus Subverts Traditional Honor-Shame Values Relating to Women
  • Video 2c—Living in the Story of a Shame-Conquering Messiah

Week 3: Jesus Was Honored Through Shame

  • Video 3a—Jesus Suffers Shame
  • Video 3b—God Vindicates the Shamed
  • Video 3c—Jesus Bears Our Shame 

Week 4: We Are Not Ashamed

  • Video 4a—Making Assumptions About Honor and Shame
  • Video 4b—Our Source of Honor and Shame
  • Video 4c—Our Response to Honor and Shame

Week 5: Transforming Honor and Shame

  • Video 5a—How Honor and Shame Transform Cultures
  • Video 5b—Stories that Honor and Shame
  • Video 5c—Challenging the Honor of Authorities

Here’s what you can expect in this course

1) You can expect to participate in a Zoom webinar each of five Tuesdays, beginning November 3, 2020 and ending on December 1, 2020.

  1. The time is 9:00 to 10:00 AM Pacific Time USA, (Greenwich Mean Time -08:00 to -07:00). The class will open 15 minutes before the hour.
  2. The webinar will be hosted by Shirin Taber.
  3. The webinar will be basically divided in half:
    • Question & Response concerning honor and shame—with Jackson Wu, PhD and Werner Mischke. Questions will be pre-selected from emails sent by participants to Shirin Taber.
    • Media training with Sharon Angel and Shirin Taber.
  4. These Zoom sessions will be recorded. If you miss a session, you will be given a link so you can go back and view the session.

2) You can expect about two hours of homework each week. This includes:

  1. Watching three videos weekly concerning honor, shame, the Bible, and culture—by Jackson Wu and Werner Mischke. The videos are between 12 and 17 minutes long.
  2. Watching one four-minute video by Shirin Bahrami with emphasis on psychology and counseling.
  3. Using a 16-page Study Guide to guide you through the learning tasks. Click here to download.

3) You can expect an emphasis on the Bible, including the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, plus lessons from culture and history.

4) You can expect to learn from leading experts and professionals:

  1. Shirin Taber (Director, Empower Women Media) will be the host for the webinars.
  2. Sharon Angel and Shirin Taber will provide the media training.
  3. Werner Mischke and Jackson Wu, PhD (Mission ONE) will teach the material about honor and shame across 15 videos (three per week).
  4. Shirin Bahrami is a Christian psychologist in the United Kingdom. Her weekly short videos (four minutes) offer a counseling perspective concerning shame and honor.

5) You can expect to receive a Certificate of Completion based on:

  1. Attending a minimum of 4 out of 5 webinars. (Participants may watch the recording if they miss a “live workshop”)
  2. Completing at least 80% of the homework.
  3. Completing two progress reports (3rd and 5th week).
  4. Uploading 5 social media posts using #restoringhonor


  • This course focuses on honor and shame, addressing the biblical basis for the dignity of women and girls. We recognize that there are men and boys who also are abused and oppressed; it is not only women and girls who are harmed or discriminated against. However, in this course we focus on honor-shame issues relative to women and girls.
  • Of course, there are many good men who do not oppress women and girls. We are not anti-men or anti-boys. We are grateful for the many men who want to champion women.