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Homework in the Study Guide (click here to get the Study Guide)

  • BEFORE the Zoom class on 10 November—do the honor-shame homework on pages 4 and 5 of the Study Guide.
  • AFTER the Zoom class on 10 November—do the media training homework on page 6 of the Study Guide.

Video 2A—“The Bible has an Honor-to-Shame-to-Honor Storyline”

Video 2B—“Jesus Subverts Traditional Honor-Shame Values Relating to Women”

Video 2C—“Living in the Story of a Shame-Conquering Messiah”

“Transformation and Empowerment through Process” by Shirin Bahrami

Class 2 / Recorded November 10, 2020 / Summary, discussion, plus media training by Nancy Schrader

Click here for the PDF of the Week 2 summary