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Below are the reflection and homework activities required for your Media Project. These Media Project homework activities are also located in the Study Guide—on pages 3, 6, 9, 12, and 16.

Week 1 

(to be completed in advance of the class on 10 November)


A. Identify your primary audience. Who do you want to reach?

B. Clarify your media goal and determine the medium you want to use with the intended audience.  What media project do you want to produce?


1. Make a social media post: Use #HonoringWomenAndGirls

2. Write out a brief description of your media project (1-2 sentences).

Look over your notes from the workshop and answer the following questions for your project.

    1. Who is your audience?
    2. What do you want them to do?
    3. Where is your audience when they receive your media message?
    4. What do you hope to accomplish with this project?
    5. What medium is best to reach your audience?

Week 2

(to be completed in advance of the class on 17 November)


A. Take a moment to reflect on your personal story.

B. Consider the genre, theme, characters and conflict you may want to share.

C. Brainstorm ideas for your story structure.


1. Focusing on Honor and Shame Dynamics in your community, write out your story in 150–250 words (with a beginning, middle and end). Share the “need” to restore honor to its right place in the lives of women. Plan to share the story in a social media post, short film or podcast in the future.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own story or script, think of someone with strong writing skills you can invite to write it. Share your notes and ideas, and ask them to write the script for your media project. Remember, this is a team effort. As a media producer, your role is to develop a vision and find the talent to fulfill your calling.

3. We’ll be reviewing your social media posts this week. Make sure to use the hashtag so we can see them. #HonoringWomenAndGirls

Week 3

(to be completed in advance of the class on 24 November)


A. Identify the key elements of your project.

B. Begin to find resources and fill roles necessary for your media project.


1. Identify 3 potential funding sources for your media project.

2. Write out a list of staff needed on the team to complete your project: script writers, videographers, lighting, sound, graphic designer, actors, catering, wardrobe, make up.

3. Create a timeline for your project (include pre and post production).

4. Create a budget and potential donor list.

5. Create a waiver to ensure your rights to the media project.

6. Post to social media: #HonoringWomenAndGirls

7. Complete your Progress Report and email to: [email protected]

Week 4

(to be completed in advance of the class on 1 December)


A. Begin to brainstorm ideas to launch your project.

B. Create a calendar and action items.

C. Review the key steps to finalizing your project.


1. Budget: How much do you want to spend to produce your media project and make it accessible? Include a budget for marketing and promotion.

2. Are you having a change of mind, thinking of your resources? Make a list of what you have and don’t have. What things are you sure of and what things are you unsure of?

3. Make sure to post to social media this week: #HonoringWomenAndGirls

Week 5

(to be completed by 7 December 2020)


A. Identify key distribution channels.

B. Name 3 organizations to contact.

C. Outline a marketing strategy.


1. Finalize your media project script or outline.

2. Plan for your project to be completed within 3 months.

3. Share your goals with a mentor or colleague to hold you accountable.

4. Complete your Progress Report and email to: [email protected]

5. CELEBRATE! Share your graduation post to social media: #HonoringWomenAndGirls