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When Shadi and Lara got married, the Syrian war was at its worst. The couple found refuge in Lebanon but could barely sustain a living. Their life in Lebanon was severely restricted. Shadi is a skilled hairdresser but could not work in that industry because of the restrictions of their legal refugee status. Gatekeeping was the only job he could find. While this job helped provide for his family, Shadi experienced and suffered much exploitation and discrimination. Far from family and a community they know, they faced discrimination and poverty due to their refugee status.

It has been several years, but the boarder recently opened and Shadi and Lara were eager to return home. But just because they were allowed to return and their community was safer than when they fled – they had no house. They were faced with the realization that they had lost their home and could not afford a safe place on their own. Through relationships with our partners in the Middle East, Shadi and Lara were able to find help and secure affordable, safe housing.

Today, Shadi and Lara are back in their home community.

Rebuilding has inherent dignity.

Our partners in the Middle East are rebuilding businesses contributing to the dignity of vocation.

They are rebuilding homes providing the dignity of a safe, healthy place to live and raise children.

They are rebuilding relationships giving dignity to once again be a part of a tribe, a community that loves and cares for one another.

The separation of families and communities have been overcome because of this project.

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