Podcast Episode #7

What do we talk about? 

What are the stories that make us who we are? This is a critical question that few of us spend time thinking about. Brandon O’Brien has spent a lot of time reflecting on a few of the major myths that shape every person. These include the personal myth, the communal myth, the national myth, and the philosophical-religious myth.

Our discussion then leads us to ask, “What’s the relationship between discipleship and deconstruction?” O’Brien suggests that the inverse of discipleship is deconstruction. Finally, we consider how all of this fit within the broader task of contextualization.

Who is our guest? 

Brandon J. O’Brien (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is Director of Content Development and Distribution for Redeemer City to City, an organization that supports church planting in global cities.

Brandon is author of several books, including Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes (with E. Randolph Richards). His most recent one is Not From Around Here: What Unites Us, What Divides Us, and How We Can Move Forward (Moody, 2019). He lives with his wife, Amy, and two children in Phoenix, AZ.

Want to do deeper?

Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes (E. Randolph Richards & Brandon O’Brien)

Not From Around Here: What Unites Us, What Divides Us, and How We Can Move Forward (Brandon O’Brien)

The Social Sources of Denominationalism (Richard Niebuhr)


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