Podcast Episode #24

Our Discussion

How does Jesus speak in Muslim cultures? To find out, we have guest author and speaker, Audrey Frank, who spent over two decades serving Muslims internationally and within the US. She will be sharing from her experience living internationally in Muslim communities and giving a clear understanding of key cultural dynamics of honor and shame. What does an honor-shame culture look like? What is the role of men and women within this cultural context? How is it different from a Western context?

We’ll explore various types of honor, including counterfeit honor, ascribed honor, achieved honor, and the gift of real honor given by God. We’ll talk about the impact of Jesus and Scripture on Muslim communities—especially Muslim women. How do many Muslims view their relationship with God? How does this affect the way they view and uphold the values of honor and shame? Learn more about how honor and shame relate to the gospel and to knowing Jesus and making him known.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Honor-shame dynamics in the Muslim world.
  • How Jesus speaks to honor-shame in his life-giving message.
  • The roles of men and women in many Muslim societies.
  • The dynamics of “fixing” identity—through covering, denial, and purging.
  • Different types of honor.

Meet Audrey:

Audrey Frank is an author, speaker, and true-story teller. She and her family have spent over 20 years serving Muslims overseas and in the US. Audrey is a popular international speaker on the honor-shame worldview and its impact on the Muslim woman’s journey to Christ. She trains women and men in the global mission community to engage the unreached with the Gospel of Christ. Audrey has a BS in Communication Disorders, an MA in Speech-Language Pathology, and a BA in Biblical and Intercultural Studies, but her greatest credential is that she is known and loved by the One who made her.


  • 00:00 Meet Audrey Frank, author and international speaker who has spent over 20 years serving and working with Muslims worldwide!
  • 03:35 What made you change your worldview on Muslim culture?
  • 05:45 Honor-shame in Muslim communities.
  • 07:15 What was your first moment of spiritual solidarity among women?
  • 11:20 When did you realize your stories were all woven together?
  • 15:00 What was your experience with shame overseas?
  • 16:30 How would you describe positional shame?
  • 19:15 Fixing identity within honor-shame culture.
  • 25:20 What roles do men and women play in the honor-shame paradigm?
  • 28:30 How can women gain honor?
  • 30:40 How do Muslims understand sin and the relationship between God?
  • 33:45 What is the impact of the story of Mary and Joseph on Muslim communities?
  • 35:40 What is counterfeit honor and how do we identify it?
  • 38:10 How does Jesus speak to honor and shame in the Muslim world?
  • 42:10 What is ascribed honor?
  • 45:05 How did Jesus restoring the woman in the Bible relate to your real life experiences?
  • 47:30 Removing social and theological obstacles in your relationship to God.
  • 49:55 How does Jesus cleanse us?
  • 53:30 What resources would you recommend?

Resources & Links

Covered Glory by Audrey Frank

Try Me, I Am Jesus by Syed Ibn Seyd

Defying Jihad by Esther Ahmad

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