Podcast Episode #22

Our Discussion

How can a deeper perspective of sin help us triumph over evil? Today, we are taking a long, insightful look into defining and understanding sin. We’ll discuss sin on an individual, cosmic, and collective scale, and the theological implications that come with it. What is cosmic and collective sin? What causes people to get caught up in it? How can we use this understanding to find victory over sin for not only ourselves, but our community as a whole? We talk about unwilful sin versus willful sin, the dark, non-human forces and their role in human corruption, how scripture treats sin in comparison to our modern lens, and even more! Join us in learning the key to honoring God and taking one step closer to salvation!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Defining and exploring the deep complexity of individual, cosmic, and collective sins.
  • What causes people to engage in or become complicit in sin from a physiological, cultural, and environmental perspective.
  • The theological implications of cosmic and collective sin, such as individual reflection and rethinking discipleship.
  • How we can find salvation and victory over sin by addressing systemic corruption and strengthening our community.


  • 00:00 Why do we need to talk about sin?
  • 02:00 What is the definition of sin?
  • 04:30 What would we add to this definition?
  • 06:35 How does scripture treat sin?
  • 09:10 How would ancient peoples view our modern concept of sin?
  • 12:35 The distinction between willful sin and unwillful sin.
  • 15:25 What is cosmic sin?
  • 17:05 What does “cosmic” mean?
  • 21:15 Why should we be aware of and understand cosmic sin?
  • 23:20 How does individualism cause us to misread the scripture?
  • 27:35 What is collective, social sin?
  • 30:30 What is the physiology behind collective sin?
  • 34:30 The corruption of power and environment.
  • 37:20 What are the theological implications of cosmic and collective sin?
  • 41:35 How does collective sin force us to recognize sin in our own lives?
  • 43:35 How does it affect our view of salvation?
  • 45:20 What is the impact of this view of sin on the ministry?
  • 47:50 How can we find victory over sin?
  • 49:20 Addressing systemic sin in our cultures.
  • 52:30 How should we rethink discipleship?
  • 53:50 What is our definition of sin?
  • 55:20 How can we better understand the theology of sin?

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