Podcast Episode #15

Our Discussion

In this episode, the finale of Season One, we distinguish shame from guilt. The two concepts are often misunderstood. People in the church tend to assume that the Bible emphasizes guilt over shame. Along the way, we miss their significance in Scripture and the ways they impact our lives.

Here are a few key ideas…

  • The feeling of shame takes away one’s locus of control.
  • Shame is contagious.
  • Shame is intricately tied to identity, especially group identity.
  • “Individuality presupposes relationality” – Susan Eastman
  • “Shame” entails a cluster of characteristics
  • “Catholic guilt” is actually shame.

Some Questions We Explore

  • Is our understanding of shame limited by the vocabulary available to us in our language?
  • How do people typically distinguish shame from guilt?
  • Why do Westerners tend to keep shame “at an arm’s length”?
  • Can guilt be collective, not just personal?
  • What are we to think of “white shame”?
  • How has this distinction affected how Christians view sin?


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