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Pastor Pious is a graduate of Africa International University and today he is one of our partners through Evangelical Free Church, South Sudan. He is a leader in his community and his family is thriving. But life has not always looked so hopeful for Pastor Pious.

At one point he found himself out of work and struggling to support his family. There was no food at home and his wife was very sick. He felt like his only option was to take his family to Kakuma Refugee Camp. The camp had resources his family desperately needed. Free education for his school-age children and food rations for his family.

But life in a refugee camp is never something a father would choose for his family. Living in temporary housing among a transient population presents safety risks as disease and assault are realities that come with living in a camp. Imagine how desperate Pastor Pious must have been to consider this option for his family.

Just before moving into the refugee camp, Pastor Pious attended a workshop led by a Mission ONE partner in South Sudan. At the workshop, he was taught how to care for and raise poultry as an income source. Pastor Pious was so excited, he shared, “I added to myself another skill.” Upon returning, Pastor Pious shared his new skills with his community. Together, the community is now raising poultry, providing food for their families, and taking the excess to the market to earn additional income.

Because of donors like you, Pastor Pious is earning a dignified income and helping his entire community to do the same.

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