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Over a half-million meals have been served across India during this pandemic. Many people have been served food rations, rest, shelter, work, and dignity through the efforts of our partners.

We’ve seen extraordinary ownership as pastors and churches in India have stepped out in faith to meet the needs of the people in their communities. As one pastor or church has stepped out in faith, others have taken notice and been encouraged to do the same. God has moved in beautiful ways and relationships with the people they are serving are forming. Through which the gospel can be displayed and proclaimed.

“It’s catching like wildfire,” proclaimed our local partner.

Churches are being mobilized and the Lord is moving and hundreds of thousands are being cared for across India.

Agriculture is one of only a few industries that has continued to grow and flourish despite global shelter in place orders. As thousands of migrant workers became stranded in India, our partners found a solution to multiply their impact. They cultivated an empty plot of land and offered migrant workers shifts to plant and harvest crops.

They quickly grew and have been able to hire nearly 200 people.

The farm has also already produced a harvest of spinach and okra which were sold and the profits have gone back into the farm to create a self-sustaining model. A well has been dug and a fish farm will soon be established as well. Our partners are planning to scale and re-create this model at all seven of their centers across India, providing dignified income opportunities and touchpoints to share the gospel with hundreds of people.

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