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In 2008, the Nepalese government officially freed all bond-servants from their debts, however, there wasn’t an effective system in place to provide them with the resources they needed to thrive. Today, there are still many who have been left without their own land or homes, forcing them to continue working under the authority of their landlords in order to have a place to live. Some are still trying to repay debts from the generations before them—only solidifying this deep-rooted cycle of poverty.

In addition, women in Nepal are often treated as property and must fight for their position in society. This makes it extremely difficult for them to rebuild their lives outside of this system even though it was formally outlawed many years ago.

Community in Nepal

Such conditions have made it extremely difficult for these communities to earn a dignified wage and provide for their families.

Our local partner in Nepal has found a way to meet these needs!

After prayerful consideration, our partner will start a coffee farming project that will serve those who feel they have nothing to claim as their own, as well as create a model of sustainability that will have a reach far greater than what we see now.

Coffee Project in Nepal

Most importantly, this project will provide even more opportunities to share the love and good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nepal has a population of about 33 million, with only 3-5% being Christian. With that in mind, our local partner has made it their mission to continue to grow the local church and develop leaders to serve their communities for the sake of the gospel.

This coffee project will allow this ministry to be locally sustained as it generates an income. It will enable our partner to reinvest in the local churches and pastors who are serving their communities day in and day out.

It will also create a safe environment for those in need to earn an income—one in which they are encouraged in their God-given gifts and identities as image-bearers.

We are so excited about what’s to come with the launch of this project, but we also know we can’t do it alone!

Will you join us in sharing the hope of Jesus through this coffee project?

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