Understanding the Gospel in Your Own Culture

Back in October, I published an article in Mission Dei Journal. I’m just not getting an opportunity to let you know about it. The title of the article is “From One Honor-Shame Culture to Another: A Proposal for Training Chinese Missionaries to Serve in Muslim Contexts.” This was probably the most challenging article/book chapter I’ve ever…

Exploring the Gospel’s Cultural Context Personally and Around the Globe As the Coordinator of Strategic Projects in Asia for Mission ONE, my job is to work with our indigenous partners on strategic projects they are pursuing to make their communities a little more like the kingdom of God. Little did I know how transformative this…

The Problem of White Shame How does “white shame” factor into discussions about racism in America? What one means by the term “white shame” may vary, but I will focus on something particular. I do not indicate the idea that whites are ashamed of being white. Rather, by “white shame,” I refer to the shame…

Written by Jackson Wu, Mission ONE Theologian-in-Residence Many have talked about how stressful life has become since the coronavirus hit America. Schedules and routines are upended. People feel on edge. For me, however, the past week or so has felt strangely familiar, almost like putting on an old well-worn sweatshirt. Public Domain Upon reflection, I…

Photo credit: Wikimedia/Poochan50 In this article, originally published here on January 22, 2020, Jackson Wu explores how honor shame cultures would benefit from leadership training that better aligns with their cultural context, versus a traditional Western perspective on leadership development that tends to be more individualistic in nature. Read the full article here.

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