What do we talk about? There’s so much misunderstanding about the concepts of honor and shame. It seems that people routinely talk past one another when speaking about these ideas. So, in this episode, we define our terms. Honor is a person’s right to respect. To dishonor someone is to deny that right. Shame is…

The Problem of White Shame How does “white shame” factor into discussions about racism in America? What one means by the term “white shame” may vary, but I will focus on something particular. I do not indicate the idea that whites are ashamed of being white. Rather, by “white shame,” I refer to the shame…

SIX WAYS THE BIBLE UNDERMINES RACISM: (#3) THE SURPASSING WORTH OF KNOWING CHRIST JESUS MY LORD This is my third post in this series. I am addressing how the gospel of Christ offers a cure to the pathologies of racism and tribalism. #1: All Gentiles are born “strangers and aliens” #2: The atonement kills hostility between peoples…

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