Serving persecuted Christians in Lahore, Pakistan

The photo gallery below documents the ministry of Mission ONE’s partner in Pakistan—in response to the attack on Christians in the city of Lahore in early March 2013. To see a TIME Magazine news report of the attack, click here. A total of 141 homes were burned and destroyed, housing 250 Christian families. The Mission ONE team says “THANK YOU” to the believers here in the United States who gave and prayed to support this ministry of compassion. “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal. 6:10).

Bishop Masih - Pakistan Team Leader
Bishop Masih, who leads Mission ONE’s Pakistan Team, called the Mission ONE office on March 14, 2013. He called to request help for a community of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan who were attacked the prior weekend. (To see pictures about this attack, click here.) Two pastors and congregations from their association were affected by this attack. They called Bishop Masih, and requested any kind of help that could be offered. Bishop Masih later told Mission ONE that 141 homes were burned affecting 250 families (some homes were two-story homes with two families in them).

Mission ONE shared this need in an email and raised over $4500 for Biship Masih to travel with a team to Lahore to serve this community. The community is receiving help from some international aid organizations, as well as from the church in Pakistan. But Bishop Masih also wanted to be with them. He knew how much of a blessing it would be if he could go and serve them.

Praise the Lord, he and his team from Karachi were able to make the one-day journey by train from Karachi to Lahore to perform this ministry of compassion.

In collaboration with local leaders, their strategy was to serve as many families as possible. They purchased 200 high-quality quilted blankets and distributed them, one per family, in the community known as Joseph Colony, on March 27, 2013. See photo gallery, above.

From witchdoctor to evangelist

“Krishna Kumari Sunuwar is from Ramechhap, Nepal. She is 84 years old. She used to work in the government office and now is retired. But she also worked as a witch doctor in her village for 30 years. People used to come to her and she would heal their sickness in the name of evil spirits.

She would give bad spells to people and make their life hard. She would do anything to make her evil god happy. She was playing with the evil spirits until she heard the gospel.

Two years ago, ladies from Jiri Church, whom TN Nepal supports, shared the gospel with her. In the beginning she rejected, but slowly she started listening to these ladies. And finally, she gave her life to Christ and left all those evil works that she used to do.

She had long hair/dread locks, which she had offered to her evil god—but after accepting Christ, she cut it and now she is an unsung hero, an active evangelist in that area. Instead of making people afraid about evil spirits, she talks about the living God who is so gracious and loving.

She goes from village to village telling people about her new faith and new God. She gets a small portion of pension from her government job, which she gives all to the Church. She is a modern day evangelist in this area!”

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From the RPCP Pakistan Team

From the RPCP Pakistan Team

Our pastors are having Bible Studies, so they study more, they learn more, they preach more. They have learned how to face financial difficulties in Pakistan. They face all of them intelligently. One group is very hard—Talaban is very hard but our Lord is with us. Please pray for us. One of our pastors, Rev. Akbar Masih, is preaching and distributing the Bible literature among the Muslims and Rev. Shadman Bhatti is in the Karachi Bazzar. Both were beaten but they do not care. So they work harder. Now we need to pray for them. Pastor Akbar was preaching in the bus. Some Muslims started to beat him and the blood came out from his body. He said to them “I did not beat you, but you listen to me carefully. I present before you the blood of our LORD Jesus Christ who is alive in the Heaven. He is coming very soon and I tell you believe Him and have free salvation.” In that bus he sold 3 Bibles and 4 Gospels. Please pray for him.

Pastor Isaak was standing at the bus stand. One of the Muslims started to talk. In the beginning he was very angry but after a long discussion he became a friend and he paid our Pastor 5 for going and coming. Since then he can go free because the Muslim is the owner of the buses. He and his family can go free. Praise the Lord.
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From the HBI India Team…

“Diyasbu, a Hindu person was much rebellious to Christianity and Christian people. He was suffering from shivering of his hands and legs due to nerve weakness. Consequently, for eight years he led a painful and frightened life. Although he went to the doctors and magicians, nothing helped him. He was much dejected. The Bible woman happened to do her regular ministry in his place. She visited him along with her prayer team and prayed for him. Although he did not like it, he allowed them to pray since he wanted to somehow get cured. As he listened to the gospel, he was much comforted and began to have faith in the healing power of Christ. After some days, his health improved gradually and he became very glad. He accepted Christ as his own Savior. On witnessing this miracle and his incredible transformation, four people of his area came to know Christ. Glory to God!”

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From the TN Nepal Team…

“The oldest member of our extended family, at the age of 88, gave her life to Christ and was baptized in September 2012. Our family had been sharing the gospel with her and praying for her for many years. She had a hard time giving her life to Christ as she is the oldest member of the family—and according to Hindu culture she has to oversee Hindu practices in the family. She is Bishwa’s mother’s eldest sister. Now, we hope and pray that her conversion will open the door for remaining extended family members. Pray that they will see her changed life and come to Christ too. Praise be to our God!”

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