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Excitement is in the air as we gear up for The Summit: A Mission ONE Gathering! This October, we’re thrilled to bring together our 10 incredible partners in beautiful Thailand for the first time ever. Two members from each partnership will join us for an enriching experience, hosted by our dedicated Thai partner. We’re deep in the planning stages, ensuring every detail is perfect for a seamless and impactful event.

Our partners are true champions, often juggling multiple roles with minimal support and little help from local governments. Serving remote communities with limited resources is no easy task. Yet, their commitment to making a meaningful change never wavers. At Mission ONE, we believe in empowering our partners by standing with them—listening to their stories, creating long-term solutions, and uplifting them in prayer.

The Purpose

“Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.” —Ephesians 4:11-13

Our goal for this conference is to establish it as a recurring event, a special gathering every few years where our partners from around the world can come together in one location. It’s a chance for fellowship, Biblical and leadership training, and sharing invaluable experiences. Many of our partners have faced unique challenges, and some have discovered long-term solutions that could unlock new possibilities for others.

Join Us in Making an Impact

To bring this vision to life, we are seeking to raise $100,000. This funding will cover all logistical aspects of the event, including participants’ travel expenses, meals, accommodation, and other administrative costs.

How You Can Help

We invite you to be a part of this significant occasion. Your support will not only make this conference possible but will also create a lasting impact beyond the event itself. Together, we can provide a platform for our partners to bond, train, and uplift each other, fostering unity and growth in their missions.

Join us as we plan and prepare for The Summit. Together, we can make a difference and empower our partners to continue their incredible work.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Let’s make this conference a reality!

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Let’s come together for an unforgettable gathering in Thailand!

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