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Unity in Christ in the Middle East

There are many things that we can learn from the Global church, one of the most beautiful being the evidence of the Gospel at work in the unity…

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Hospitality and Lament

Written by Charith Denson, Mission ONE Brand Architect Hospitality and lament. We have become all too well acquainted with the walls of our own houses in these recent…

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from Jackson Wu

Training Leaders in Honor and Shame Cultures

Photo credit: Wikimedia/Poochan50 In this article, originally published here on January 22, 2020, Jackson Wu explores how honor shame cultures would benefit from leadership training that better aligns…

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from Werner Mischke

Brief Thoughts on Five Misunderstandings About Honor-Shame

In this article, originally published here on September 17, 2018, Werner Mischke breaks down five misunderstandings about honor-shame and explains why they are incorrect or incomplete. Read the…

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