At Mission ONE, we listen to those in need and respond by sustaining communities through the local church. We want to take a moment to explain how and why we do just that. Before we start projects, we first develop trusted and long-term relationships with local leaders and organizations who are already serving those around…

What do we talk about? Jackson, Werner, and Carrie discuss how practically to apply a model of contextualization. A formula has an input and an output. That is not what we mean by biblically faithful and culturally meaningful contextualization. This model of contextualization is not a formula, it’s a process. Since it’s not enough to…

While formulas are comfortable, our pursuit of simple, efficient, and portable gospel explanations have led to an anemic church. Is the gospel the message about how to get saved? Maybe not completely. Our fixation on certain doctrines can undermine gospel presentations. In the Cambridge Declaration, which attempts to summarize the gospel, renowned Christian leaders and…

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