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​​God always sees all His people. Not in the state they may perceive themselves, but in the way we were originally created, in the Image of God. In Hagar’s story, she sees herself as alone and abandoned with her son, thirsty and dying in the desert. But God, he sees her and calls her up,…

Meet Willy, the visionary who has walked alongside the Pokot people and shared God’s love for over a decade. The vision of the All-Girls School in Pokot, Kenya began in the heart of Willy, a 22-year partner of Mission ONE and fervent disciple of Christ, who genuinely cares for the body, mind, and soul of…

In Pokot, Kenya, a nomadic people group is navigating their way in a changing society. Known for their investment in agriculture and animal husbandry, the community’s wealth is measured in the ownership of cows. As students in the US go back-to-school shopping, many girls in Pokot are preparing for their weddings or nursing newborns. The…

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