Over the past quarter, we’ve been diving into Mission ONE’s work with the Cave People. The Cave People, also known as the Chepang, are an indigenous group in Nepal that our partners have been ministering to for over a decade, helping them build homes and start a goat microeconomy to sustain an income. We’ve explored…

For many, the last year has been a time of spiritual crises. We are watching the world as we know it changes irrevocably. We are seeing suffering both at the hands of the disease and in the reactions to it. We’ve heard stories of hospitals overrun, day laborers driven to starvation for lack of work,…

I was recently sharing with someone about Mission ONE and specifically the work we do with our partners in Lebanon. This past year was hard for the entire world, but Lebanon seemed to have one significant obstacle after another. There was the economic collapse, followed by COVID, followed by the Beirut explosion, followed by the…

Over a half-million meals have been served across India during this pandemic. Many people have been served food rations, rest, shelter, work, and dignity through the efforts of our partners. We’ve seen extraordinary ownership as pastors and churches in India have stepped out in faith to meet the needs of the people in their communities….

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