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In a world increasingly plagued by religious exclusivism, tribalization, religious cleansing, and political instability, the question arises: “How can followers of Jesus Christ effectively proclaim the gospel to a lost and dying world?” Since 1952, the local Bible College has been committed to equipping indigenous people to spread the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.

Building a New Education Center to Enhance Global Outreach

The local Bible College has a storied history of training leaders who serve both in India and around the world. With over 13,000 graduates making an impact globally, the college now embarks on an ambitious project to construct a new education center. This development will significantly expand its capacity and outreach.

Features of the New Education Center

The new education center will include:

  • An Auditorium: Hosting large events, symposiums, seminars, and the annual National Pastors’ Conference, welcoming 1,200 village pastors, regional center coordinators, faculty, and students. This space will also serve as the worship center for a growing local church.
  • Additional Classrooms: Equipped with modern technology like projectors, digital whiteboards, and internet access, enhancing the educational experience and attracting more students.
  • Administrative Offices and a Board Room Facility: Providing essential infrastructure for effective management.
  • A Student Center: A hub for students, faculty, and guests to build community through discipleship and mentorship.
  • Guest Room Facilities: Accommodating visitors and enhancing the college’s hospitality capabilities.

Local Pastors for Greater Impact

The local Bible College has been a leader in theological education and leadership development. Over the years, they have trained 1,200 pastors who have planted over 14,700 churches and discipled more than 800,000 people across India. In the past 35 years, the college has trained 150,000 pastors who have planted more than 700,000 new churches in India’s villages, towns, and cities. This exponential growth underscores the importance of equipping local pastors who understand their communities’ cultural and social dynamics.

Expanding Beyond Theological Training

Recognizing the need for holistic leadership, the college has incorporated programs in communications, business administration, social work, counseling, and psychology. This approach aims to prepare Christian leaders to impact various professional fields, spreading their ministry’s influence throughout society.

The Power of Partnership: Mission ONE’s Role

At Mission ONE, we believe in the power of partnerships to accomplish the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). One of our key initiatives, the Beauty of Partnership, is a digital course designed to foster healthy cross-cultural partnerships in missional work. This course addresses the complexities of cross-cultural mission work, providing guidance and resources to navigate challenges and maximize our efforts’ impact.
By walking alongside the local Bible College, we can help expand their programs and reach more people with the gospel. Together, we can ensure that the local church is built on the Word of God and that its leaders are prepared to meet their communities’ spiritual and physical needs.
To learn more about the Beauty of Partnership and how you can be involved, visit The Beauty of Partnership.

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