Things aren't always “one-size fits all,” and that includes theological training. Everyone has unique gifts, needs, and ministries. This diversity creates an opportunity to customize a positive and effective learning experience. MTI equips students and teachers for each ministry context.


Theological education requires flexibility in order to be biblically faithful and culturally meaningful.


A Fresh Approach To Theological Training

Missional Theology Initiative (MTI) takes a new approach to learning theology.

Most evangelical theological schools are located in the West and are contextualized for Western students. But for those in other parts of the world, the Bible can feel like a foreign story. So, MTI is designed with culturally contextualized content by teachers from around the world and across traditions.

Why MTI?

At Mission ONE, we believe that teaching people to contextualize biblical truth removes unnecessary cultural barriers to the hope found in Jesus Christ. We also believe theological education should be available to any student, pastor, or evangelist — no matter where they live in the world.

MTI seeks to provide a contextualized theological curriculum with the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Missional Theology. This hybrid, ready-made program is made for and led by the Global Church. It gives access to theological teaching that is meaningful for students across a wide array of cultural contexts.


MTI Will Change The Way The World Learns Theology

This program makes more communities more like the Kingdom of God by effectively training missional leaders for the real-world realities they face. MTI prepares God’s people to be a faithful witnessing presence in life, word, and deed.


Support MTI 

MTI is scheduled to begin offering courses in 2023. Within the first few years of operations, MTI seeks to teach hundreds of students with the eventual goal of reaching thousands more around the world.

Teach at MTI

MTI seeks to find professors from around the world who specialize in different academic areas of study who can bring diverse approaches to theological learning. Find out more about how you can join us!

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About Mission ONE

MTI is a Mission ONE project and we're proud to continue making communities around the world more like the Kingdom of God through theological training. 

Mission ONE envisions a world where every community is transformed for the glory of God and the honor of all peoples. Through the Global Church, we provide creative solutions, training, and support to help strengthen communities and bring hope to people in the hardest places. Working globally, with national and indigenous leaders, together we are making communities more like the Kingdom of God.

Mission ONE addresses a variety of problems from unemployment and unclean water to faithlessness and poor theology through strategic projects, training, and relief.