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Since most evangelical theological institutions are located in the West, Western culture influences common understandings of biblical doctrine. This means the Bible can feel like a foreign story for many all over the world.

This is why the Missional Theology Initiative (MTI) was created. We're searching for educators who want to help thousands of people across the world study a contextualized theological curriculum with the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Missional Theology.


A Closer Look At The MTI Program

MTI consists of a hybrid, ready-made program created for and led by the global church.

It gives access to theological teaching that is meaningful for students across an array of cultural contexts. Its approach will change the way the world learns theology.

In phase one of MTI’s development, we audited various theological institutions, reviewing their current programs’ framework and subject matters. From there, researched the standard core competencies of various courses, plus any additional courses or specializations. This phase helped us draft course syllabi—created and reviewed by subject matter experts.

The second phase consists of recruiting professors to teach these courses from a variety of theological backgrounds and cultural contexts. Our goal is to recruit at least 25 different scholars from around the world, intentionally seeking both men and women.

During phase three, as professor recruitment moves forward, we will record their lectures and upload them to an online learning platform. By the time the fourth phase commences, quizzes, assignments, videos, and keynotes will be integrated to enhance and polish the existing courses.


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The Impact

The new theology degree program would make more communities more like the Kingdom of God by effectively training missional leaders for the realities they face in equipping God’s people to be a faithful witnessing presence in life, word, and deed. As a result of this localized approach, students would choose to attend this seminary over culturally-distant, Western-based theological programs.

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About MIssion ONE

MTI is a Mission ONE project and we're proud to continue making communities around the world more like the Kingdom of God through theological training. 

Mission ONE envisions a world where every community is transformed for the glory of God and the honor of all peoples. Through the Global Church, we provide creative solutions, training, and support to help strengthen communities and bring hope to people in the hardest places. Working globally, with national and indigenous leaders, together we are making communities more like the Kingdom of God.

Mission ONE addresses a variety of problems from unemployment and unclean water to faithlessness and poor theology through strategic projects, training, and relief.