Our Curriculum

MTI students learn in cohorts and under the leadership of local mentors who partner with Mission ONE. These local, indigenous mentors assist students in understanding and applying the content they're studying.

The curriculum begins with a focus on the biblical story, interpretation skills, and biblical theology.  Students then learn about contextualization, global theologies, and the historical expansion of the church across cultures. Finally,  they consider ways to lead ministries with a missional vision.


MTI Distinctives

Accessible –  Students have access to professors with diverse specializations and cultural backgrounds. The program is affordable and allows students to remain in their ministry context.

Adaptable –  Every course can be customized or contextualized to fit an individual student's background and ministry needs.

Applicable –  Besides customizing course work, mentors help students to consider how to apply their learning to their ongoing local ministries.



People learn best when we personally engage the content being taught. Therefore, MTI enables students and mentors to create customizable assignments that are applicable to their ministry.

Rather than assigning busy work, these projects offer students the opportunity to synthesize the material being studied.

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About Mission ONE

MTI is a Mission ONE project and we're proud to continue making communities around the world more like the Kingdom of God through theological training.

Mission ONE envisions a world where every community is transformed for the glory of God and the honor of all peoples. Through the Global Church, we provide creative solutions, training, and support to help strengthen communities and bring hope to people in the hardest places. Working globally, with national and indigenous leaders, together we are making communities more like the Kingdom of God.

Mission ONE addresses a variety of problems from unemployment and unclean water to faithlessness and poor theology through strategic projects, training, and relief.