“During my first trip to Africa in 1988, I saw firsthand the effectiveness of God’s servants in their own cultural context. From then on, working in partnership with the global church has been my passion.”

Bob Schindler

Mission ONE Founder


Mission ONE was Born

Mission ONE was founded in 1991 by Bob Schindler, an American traveling evangelist. In 1988, Bob was invited to teach on the subject of evangelism at a Bible college in Kenya. The missionary who invited Bob told him, “You will be a blessing. But while you are here, listen. Learn what it’s like to live as a Kenyan.”

Bob took his advice and met Pastor Wilfred Githongo, who was from a nearby village. Wilfred had heard the gospel, decided to follow Christ, and had planted a church. Previously, Western missionaries had not been able to start a church in Wilfred’s village—the contrast in cultures was too great. Bob thought, “There must be some way to help these local leaders. They can share the love of Christ in their cultures in ways I cannot.” With that, Mission ONE was born.

Assisting the Global Church

Mission ONE partners with 10 international indigenous mission organizations. Our partners, in turn, support the local expression of the church in local communities. We provide support in three key categories:

  • Strategic Projects

    We assist in planning and promoting initiatives such as missional business, schools, and medical facilities through local church outreach in communities where the need is great. These projects provide transformation for local communities as they reduce dependence on aid from the West, place the local church at the center of communal life, and give people hope in the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Training

    We develop curriculum and train leaders in new ways that are more relevant to peoples that have historically been difficult to reach with the gospel. Learning to teach the Bible through a different cultural lens gives people ownership of the gospel, rather than feeling like it's just a story from another culture.

  • Relief

    When war, oppression, or natural disaster place basic survival at the forefront of an entire people, we listen to our partners to understand the real need. We assist partners in meeting that need, and in doing so, demonstrate the love of Christ, restoring humanity to people in their time of greatest need.

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