The Church is here to help people who cannot help themselves.

Mission ONE Relief

Long-term, gospel transformation is our primary goal. But when survival is on the line because of war, oppression, or natural disaster, we want to help immediately. We listen to our partners to understand the real needs, and then we meet those needs. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ—restoring honor and humanity to people in their most desperate hour.



Natural Disaster in Nepal

In 2015, Mission ONE sent funds to our partner in Nepal to provide immediate care for people in need. Food, water, medical care, shelter, and helicopter rides were needed to help those in remote places. These relief efforts helped our partners in Nepal forge new relationships that have led to schools, clean water, and new faith communities. Those relationships continue today and will continue to provide gospel opportunities.


Oppression in Syria

In July 2018, southern Syria was attacked by the terrorist organization ISIS. Our local partner, Bashar, was encouraged to flee with his family, but he refused to leave his people. With help from Mission ONE, Bashar became a leading source of relief aid through food, housing, and his personal presence in a time of great fear. Formerly treated with suspicion as a Christian pastor, Bashar became a community leader, chosen by his people to make important decisions and help protect them from further attacks.


War in South Sudan

South Sudan has experienced war since its formation. Our partners there are one of the only sources of hope and provision for their people during volatile times. Mission ONE continually helps the Church to provide food aid to those who are starving in South Sudan. The Lord’s name is lifted high in a place of extreme suffering.

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