The Church is here to help people who cannot help themselves.

Mission ONE Relief

Long-term, gospel transformation is our primary goal. But when survival is on the line because of war, oppression, or natural disaster, we want to help immediately. We listen to our partners to understand the real needs, and then we meet those needs. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ—restoring honor and humanity to people in their most desperate hour.

Real people from rural India: Happy parents with their children near their adobe house in slum colony of village.

Covid Relief in India

Mission ONE and its partner in India are assisting families with limited access to healthcare by establishing makeshift care facilities with oxygen, medical care, and isolation and recovery units. To build immunity, they are also helping distribute COVID-19 vaccines and providing transportation to vaccination sites.

For families that have loved ones who are suffering or have passed away from COVID-19, the local church has also established a prayer helpline so anyone can call in to talk to someone in a safe, attentive environment. In addition to grief and trauma counseling, they are also caring for children whose parents have contracted COVID-19.

Finally, to further prevent infections from the coronavirus, partners are also assembling and distributing food, water, and preventive care packages filled with masks, sanitizer, thermometers, soap, supplements, and other items. Ultimately, the plan aims to be holistic, addressing preventative, curative, supportive, and redemptive care aspects of the COVID-19 surge.

Mature caucasian muslim woman wearing hijab, both wearing protective face masks, carrying her son back to school, on a brick wall background

Lebanon Relief

Ever since the civil war ended in 1990, Lebanon has been experiencing a country-wide economic crisis exacerbated by government corruption and accumulating debt—150% of the country’s national output. In 2020, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of Lebanon’s population has fallen into poverty, and food prices have soared more than 400% while the nation’s currency has lost about 90% of its value. As a result, many families have adjusted to eating only one meal a day, hungry as the country hangs by a thread socially, economically, and physically.

Mission ONE’s partner in the Middle East is working alongside families to provide for their basic needs, including supplying food rations.

Our partners provided a one-month supply of food for 300 Lebanese families, including staples such as rice, flour, oil, powdered milk, lentils, and other non-perishable supplies. In the midst of so many crises in the nation, relieving the burden to put food on the table will bring much-needed sustenance and relief to these families.

Tripoli, Lebanon - February 27, 2013: Syrian refugees selling burned CD's in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Beirut Education Assistance

Mission ONE partners purchased 100 tablets and distribute them to children in the most devastated areas of Beirut: St. Michael, Al Marfa, Jisr, and Karantina. Since the blast, the team has spent every day helping rebuild those areas of the city. Due to their faithful service in this part of Beirut, they have built relationships with multiple families and will be distributing tablets on an as-needed basis.

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