The people of Chad represent a rich tapestry composed of different languages, peoples, and religions. More than 100 dialects are spoken in this landlocked country. The degree of variety in Chad highlights the significance of the region as a crossroads of linguistic, social, and cultural interchange. The overwhelming majority of the population is Muslim or Animistic


Eight out of 10 Chadians make a living from agriculture and livestock, even though much of the country is a desert, so livelihoods depend on rain. Communities are spread out and resources that are provided in larger cities are hard to come by. 

our approach

Historically, the gospel has mostly been spread throughout the world by Western missionaries. A gospel message that is true has been presented, but it can feel like the religion of another people. Mission ONE creates training materials for both our partners and the Western population that helps shift this narrative to embrace a localized cultural context. When leaders learn to understand the Bible in terms of honor and shame, they present the gospel in ways that connect to all aspects of their community’s lives. Our partners are transforming communities with Christ at the center of their work because the gospel no longer feels like someone else’s story.

Our partners

Our partnering organization in North Africa have served over 40,000 individuals in need of dental and optical care. Their entire team of trained medical professionals are also coordinating regular discipleship trainings to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their community. By hosting these trainings in the local villages, they have created an approachable setting for people to hear and interact with the gospel. Mission ONE has partnered with the North Africa team since 2016.


Dental Clinic - Our partners are establishing the first-ever dental clinic in the remote village of Faya-Largeau, Chad to share the hope of Christ and improve the dental health of future generations.

Gospel Context

People living in North Africa often live by a strict societal code marked by hospitality, reciprocity, and family honor. The idea that God would accept his son even after experiencing much public shame is challenging and attractive to many.

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