Dental Clinic


Location: Faya-Largeau, Chad 

The first-ever dental clinic in the remote village of Faya-Largeau, Chad has been established to share the hope of Christ and improve the dental health of future generations.

Faya-Largeau has been struggling with access to essential health services for decades. Besides the nomadic communities who travel through this village as they cross the Sahara Dessert, this village is often forgotten by the outside world and unable to get the care it needs.


Without the proper resources, the people in this community are not given the chance to take ownership over their own health. In response to this adversity, we partnered with an organization that has a long history of developing clinics in remote villages. This allows them to build relationships, meet the needs of the local community, and share the hope of Jesus Christ. After many years of prayer, they decided to build a new dental clinic in this village to meet the needs of this local community. 



First, the local organization secured a plot of land from the government to use for the dental clinic. From there, Mission ONE connected with a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona that donated several dental chairs towards this project. With the chairs and other donated dental equipment, the organization has begun seeing clients on a regular basis, including providing basic check-ups, cleanings, and extractions.


By opening the first-ever dental clinic in this remote village, a once unreached people group is now receiving treatment that will impact generations to come.  

Residents like Latifah, a woman in her late sixties, are finally receiving regular dental cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy. After years of suffering toothaches, Latifah went to the clinic and got her infected tooth extracted to relieve the pain and prevent the infection from spreading throughout her body. For the first time, she and her neighbors are brushing their teeth, flossing, and reducing their sugar intake on a daily basis.  

In the long-term, this dental clinic will expand to offer other health services including ophthalmology. Spiritually, the dental clinic will provide opportunities to share the gospel and even sow the seeds for planting a new church.