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Support Mission ONE in uniting global partners for empowerment and fellowship, making communities look more like the Kingdom of God.


why gather?

Our partners face challenges serving remote communities with limited support from local governments. Despite this, they remain committed to making a meaningful impact. At Mission ONE, we can't solve all their challenges, but we're dedicated to empowering them through listening, long-term solutions, and prayer. That's why we're bringing them together to bond, share learning experiences, train, and uplift each other.

Through Partnership

Mission ONE is a global team of local leaders serving in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our partners support the expression of the local church in their communities.


In Relationship

We have spent over 30 years developing deep relationships of trust with our local partners by listening to and learning from them as they share the love of God with their communities.  

We have used what we’ve learned to develop resources to empower our partners within their own ministry contexts, and to train leaders in the West as we engage cross-cultural missions. 

The Beauty of Partnership

Our widely-respected leadership course on cross-cultural partnerships has now been adapted from a study guide into this immersive digital course!

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Mission ONE Donor

"I am Deeply impressed with how Mission ONE supports God’s mission around the world. First of all by listening to the local Christian leaders who know their context much better then we do, and then bringing much needed support, working together in effective ministry. This sensitive and thoughtful ministry posture is very much needed in missionary work today. That is why I am very happy to support this Kingdom work."

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Join us as we equip and train the Global Church to transform communities in hard places.

Mission ONE Stories

The Summit: A Mission ONE Gathering – Join Us in Thailand!

By Mission ONE Marketing | May 16, 2024

Excitement is in the air as we gear up for The Summit: A Mission ONE Gathering! This October, we’re thrilled to bring together our 10 incredible partners in beautiful Thailand for the first time ever. Two members from each partnership will join us for an enriching experience, hosted by our dedicated Thai partner. We’re deep…

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Sharing the Hope of Jesus in Southeast Asia

By Mission ONE Marketing | May 3, 2024

Since 1995, Mission ONE has partnered with local leaders in Thailand, working holistically to minister to rural communities by planting churches, discipling believers, and training local leaders. Thai culture is largely influenced by Buddhism, which entails stronger family and communal ties. With that, the choice to follow Jesus is frequently made collectively. This dynamic can…

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Bridging Health Care Gaps in Pokot, Kenya

By Mission ONE Marketing | April 19, 2024

For years, the Pokot community in Kenya has faced challenges accessing healthcare. To receive basic medical care, they must travel over 80 miles to the closest hospital. Unfortunately, this distance has led to heartbreaking losses, with individuals losing their lives while journeying to access medical care. This is particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children…

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Celebrating Milestones with Our Local Ministry Partner in Pokot

By Mission ONE Marketing | April 8, 2024

Our local partner in Pokot, Kenya has been working closely with Mission ONE since 2000. Together with their dedicated team, they operate in the remote areas of Northern Kenya and South Sudan, spreading the love of Jesus and the message of the gospel. Currently, this ministry supports a team of 21 leaders, including 3 local…

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Expanding the Body of Christ in the Middle East

By Mission ONE Marketing | March 15, 2024

In the Middle East, our ministry is witnessing the profound impact of intentional discipleship as communities gather to study the Word of God, nurturing a deep connection with their faith. Growth of local churches Through your support of our missional partner, the local church continues to grow in the Middle East, fostering unity and understanding…

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A Journey of Faith in the Middle East

By Mission ONE Marketing | March 1, 2024

In 2001, Mission ONE began a partnership with a local ministry in the heart of the Middle East. With your generous support, this ministry spans across both Syria and Lebanon, and throughout the years has shown the love of Jesus through a variety of efforts including repatriating families and building up the local church through…

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Transforming Lives Through the Bakery Project

By Mission ONE Marketing | February 22, 2024

Since gaining independence in 2011, South Sudan has been marred by conflict, displacing millions and plunging families into a relentless cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Our local partner envisions a brighter future for South Sudan by addressing its core challenges. Understanding the profound impact of education, job opportunities, and training, our partner initiated a bakery…

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A Way Forward: Our Ministry in South Sudan & Uganda

By Mission ONE Marketing | February 5, 2024

South Sudan has a complex history, culminating in the largest refugee crisis in Africa and the third largest in the world, with nearly 2.4 million people having fled the ongoing conflict and violence to seek safety in other countries, according to UNHCR. For those who remain in South Sudan, the lingering impact of post-war trauma…

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Together, We Can Provide Relief to South Sudan

By Mission ONE Marketing | January 19, 2024

The country of South Sudan is facing a severe humanitarian crisis. Of the 11 million people who live in the country, 7.7 million are food insecure and 2.2 million have been internally displaced. Ongoing economic and political unrest, violent conflict, flooding, and severe drought are wreaking havoc on the well-being of countless children, families, and…

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Empowering Communities in Sudan and South Sudan

By Mission ONE Marketing | January 8, 2024

In a community where gunfire is a weekly norm, hardships are commonplace, and people are often without food, our local partnership in Juba, South Sudan has been changing lives and transforming communities since 1991. Our partner’s personal journey of persecution for his faith laid the groundwork for the vision of this ministry which exists to…

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